Post on Social

Post photos of LoftLockers hanging duffels on Instagram or Facebook and we can rebate $$$ to you. 

Install Photos

  • 60% Rebate
  • Show your DIY process step by step

Lifestyle Photos

  • 20% rebate
  • Show how cool your rig looks after installing LoftLockers

How It Works

  • Purchase your LoftLockers
  • Take photos with your phone per our guidelines.
  • Email or post the pics to your favorite Facebook Group and/or Instagram. Be sure to tag @aspenfrontiers
  • CONTACT US and include a URL link to the online content.  We will send you an email so we can collect photos if needed.
  • We process the $$ rebate


Install Photo Guidelines

7 photos (or more!) that could help someone learn about how you did the install

Before pics:

  • Rig from the entryway or tailgate so we can see a bit of the rig and where the LoftLockers will go

During pics:  

  • Marking the location & drilling the holes
  • Spacers and hardware used

After Pics:

  • LoftLockers after they are bolted in place
  • Duffels after they are hung
  • Your rig from a few feet away highlighting the installed duffels

Lifestyle Photo Guidelines

4 photos that show:

  • Your rig from a few feet away,
  • LoftLockers (hanging) from the entryway or tailgate
  • Duffels (hanging) from the entryway or tailgate
  • Closer photos of the duffels after they are hung.