LoftLocker for vans - Model RM (compatible w/RTIC)
LoftLocker for vans - Model RM (compatible w/RTIC)

LoftLocker for vans - Model RM (compatible w/RTIC)

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Special Launch Pricing:  Save $20 on a 2 pack!  Save $50 on a 4 pack! (Limited time only)

Treat yourself to a LoftLocker to hang RTIC Medium Road Trip duffels as cabinets in your van instead of mounting hard sided cabinets.

  • Add storage in your van's garage or above the bed.
  • Fewer rattles & less weight than regular cabinets.
  • Easy install with 2 bolts.
  • Fewer hard edges to bonk your head.
  • Easy to bring inside for cleaning after trips.
  • Use the duffel as luggage when your rig is not in use.
  • Works with most vans.
  • Bring your own RTIC duffel.  Why RTIC?

    • RTIC themselves say it best:  the Medium Road Trip Duffle is "60% Off vs The Competition." It is a great value at $59. (about $100 less than other brands)
    • You can use your own RTIC Road Trip Duffle or they can be purchased directly from RTIC.
  • The unique LOFTLOCKER design is patent pending.
Installation is easy. 
  • You or your upfitter can install the LoftLocker with 2 robust fasteners in any sturdy ceiling, bed or other strong support in minutes.
  • L-Track or T-Slot aluminum add flexible mounting locations.
  • To create space for the duffel webbing between the rack and mounting surface, use 3/8" steel washers or other spacers as needed.
  • If you're curious, pls see the use & install videos towards the end of the carousel above.

Use them in a van or camper of your choice.

  • Usually, 2 or 3 duffels fit on either side above or under the bed. 
  • The LoftLocker is lightweight industrial aluminum.
  • Model RM LoftLocker is appx 6” by 15”.  Mounting holes are 6" apart.
  • Each LoftLocker includes one retainer to help hold the duffel on the fingers.
While hanging as a cabinet:
  • The RTIC Medium Road Trip Duffle is about 21” long, 14" high and 9"deep.