4 Pack - Aspen Frontiers Racks

4 Pack - Aspen Frontiers Racks

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Treat yourself to a 4 pack of Duffel Racks that hang 40L Patagonia Black Hole Duffels instead of mounting hard sided cabinets or mule bags.

Fewer rattles and less weight than regular cabinets.

Easy install with 2 bolts.

Fewer hard edges to bonk your head.

Easy to bring inside for cleaning after trips.

Use the Patagonia duffels as luggage when your van is not in use.

Patagonia duffels are weather resistant and basically guaranteed for life.

You can use your own Patagonia Duffel or they can be purchased from your favorite retailer.

For Sprinters, Transits, ProMasters & any other camper van.


The unique Aspen Rack design is patent pending.