Scratch & Dent Sale - LoftLockers for Trucks
Scratch & Dent Sale - LoftLockers for Trucks
Scratch & Dent Sale - LoftLockers for Trucks
Scratch & Dent Sale - LoftLockers for Trucks
Scratch & Dent Sale - LoftLockers for Trucks

Scratch & Dent Sale - LoftLockers for Trucks

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Save 30% on scratch and dent LoftLockers.

  • These LoftLockers are new and unused.  You may find small blemishes and scratches on the the units.  From a distance, most are not noticeable by the untrained eye.  We are just picky!
  • Scratch and dent units fit the Glossy Patagonia 40L Black Hole Duffels that have been sold for years.  (Style No. 40L: 49338 & 55L: 49342) 
  • They will not fit the new Matte duffels currently being introduced. (Style No. 40L:  49339 and 55L:  49343)
  • If they have stocked out, contact us and we can help you find other retailers.
  • Scratch & Dent sales are final and cannot be returned.

Treat yourself to a LOFTLOCKER and use Patagonia Black Hole duffels as a cabinet inside your truck's topper. 

  • Expand storage capacity by using space near the topper's roof.
  • Keep the truck bed clear for large items.
  • Easy install with 2 bolts.
  • Easy to bring inside for cleaning after trips.
  • Use the Patagonia duffel as luggage when your rig is not in use.
  • Patagonia duffels are weather resistant and basically guaranteed for life.
  • You can use your own Patagonia duffel or they can be purchased from your favorite retailer.
  • Works with most pickup toppers.
  • The unique LOFTLOCKER design is patent pending.

Works with most truck bed racks and toppers.

  • Usually, 2 or 3 duffels fit on either side of the topper. 
  • The LoftLocker is lightweight industrial aluminum.
  • 40L is appx 6” by 15” & mounting holes are 6" apart.
  • 55L is appx 6.75" by 20" & mounting holes are 8" apart.
  • Each LoftLocker includes one retainer bolt and nut to help hold the duffel on the fingers.

Installation is easy. 

  • The LoftLocker installs with 2 bolts and rubber coated washers in most toppers in minutes.  Some drilling required.
  • To create space for the duffel webbing between the LoftLocker and the mounting surface, use 3/8" steel washers or other spacers as needed.
  • L-Track or T-Slot aluminum add flexible mounting locations.
While hanging as a cabinet:
  • The 40L duffel is about 21” long, 13.7" high and 10.6"deep.  
  • The 55L duffel is about 26.7" long, 15.7" high and 11.8" deep.

Installation details:

  • Fiberglass toppers (e.g. LEER, ARE) - The LoftLocker can be bolted directly to the topper with 2 bolts, a spacer, 2 rubber washers and or a dab of sealant.
  • Under a rooftop tent (e.g. RSI Smart Cap) - The LoftLocker can be bolted directly to the under side of a sturdy bed platform with 2 bolts and a spacer.
  • Aluminum toppers with roof ribs (e.g. Alu-Cab), you can install the LoftLocker just like a fiberglass topper (above) OR you can bolt the LoftLocker to a stringer attached to the roof ribs.
    • Stringer materials vary. Folks use T-slot alu, Unistrut, L-Track and even sturdy wood. The stringer length depends on how far apart the roof ribs are and the # of LoftLockers you want to mount.