Hang duffels as cabinets for overlanding & vanlife

Hang a LoftLocker to create cabinets from duffels anywhere in your rig.

Fun and important notes.

Patagonia duffels are not included with the LoftLocker. You can use your own duffel or contact your favorite retailer.

For now, LoftLockers are compatible with the 55L and 40L Patagonia Black Hole duffel.  We have more options in the works!

Never install this product where vehicle occupants could hit or be hit by mounted or falling items including the product, the duffel bag and/or duffel bag contents.

Review and adhere to your specific vehicle’s restrictions on mounting items within your vehicle.

Serious injury or even death can occur if you do not properly install and use this product in accordance with the instructions that accompany the product.

The unique LoftLocker design is patent pending.