What vans and trucks do LoftLockers fit in? LoftLockers fit in most vans and truck toppers. At the moment, the smallest compatible duffel is about 21” long, 13.7" high and 10.6"deep.

Why doesn't the LoftLocker come with installation hardware?  There are so many truck toppers, campers and vans with so many dimensions it is very difficult for us to know what hardware you would need to mount the LoftLocker in your vehicle.

How do I hang a LoftLocker? Installation is up to you or your upfitter.  They require 2 robust fasteners and a sturdy surface to be fastened to.  They can be hung in most truck toppers or from a van's ceiling or bed. 

Do the LoftLockers come with a Patagonia Duffel bag? Aspen Frontiers sells only LoftLockers.  You are free to use your own 40L or 50L Patagonia Black Hole Duffel, or buy one from your favorite retailer.

Do you sell LoftLockers for other duffel bags?  Not yet, but stay tuned.  We have more in the works.  If you have a request, please let us know!

Do you provide bulk orders? Yes, absolutely.  Please contact us for custom orders.